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Patagonia Biking staff - Argentina

We are a professional team dedicated to tourism and that also enjoys adventure and nature. Our main goal is to provide our clients the possibility to discover Patagonia, Chile and Argentina in a different way. That is, on a bike in touch with nature discovering the most beautiful landscapes of this magic land.

We have known this part of the world for many years and we have spent great part of our lives here . This is where during our tours you can meet local people, enjoy their traditional cuisine and their traditions in a safe and friendly environment . We consider our clients more than simple customers , you are our guests and we are sure to become friends.

Try our friendly and honest services and above all, our wish to make your trip through South America a unique and gratifying unforgettable experience.

During our tours we stress on protecting the culture, environment and the pristine nature. Therefore we practice a low impact tourism in order to leave the least amount of marks at places visited.

 Patagonia Mountain Biking Expeditionsstaff team

Mariano Lorefice:
Mariano LoreficeOrganizer of events and official bike and trekking guide.

His motto is: "Cycling is just a physical exercise but dreaming is a spiritual and unlimited impulse that pushes us towards our goals . Dreams make possible the impossible"

He completed 2 world roundtrips. 120.000 Km. and 56 countries that exposed him to the most extreme conditions such as: reaching the Aconcagua summit Solo on a mountain bike. Crossing the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau . Heights over 5200m.a.s.l. Thousands of lonely kilometers in freezing temperatures (C -35º). Crossing well known deserts as: Kalahari, Australia, Namib, Sahara, Atacama, Kavir with temperatures over C 55º. The coldest regions: Trans Canada in winter (5.700 Km. Temp: Cº-67), Alaska, 2.000 Km. Artic Circle and multiple winter transpatagonian trips.
Amazonian jungle (3.000 Km.) Central America. Twice he connected all the Argentine provinces while campaigning for the environment at schools. 26.000 Km.

The experience he has achieved under such extreme conditions has prepared him better than any training course in the world. Where "passing the exam " meant the difference between life or death. He is a long distance Tri athlete. Participated in Ultra marathons and pioneered the most demanding Triathlons in the world. He is one of a list of 10 who has been able to complete the first Quintuple Ironman (Holland 1991) . Decaironman, (38 km swimming , 1800 km bike and 422 km running , Mexico 1992) For the first time. He resumes his experience: "The will as the engine and healthy food as the best fuel ".

Quite often we can read about him and his latest adventure in magazines like Tiempo de Aventura y Bici Club, both from Argentina.

Here you can find some articles printed in well known international Adventure magazines where he tells us about his interesting point of view on his trips and expeditions:

Al Borde - Argentina
Revista Desnivel - Spain

Diego Gerardo Martínez:
Diego MartínezArgentine, Graduated in tourism. Began to travel in 1998, discovered the bicycle and became a passionate biking tourist . He has attended First Aid courses and speaks English and Portuguese. Guided different tourist attraction in Argentina: Sierras de Córdoba, Northwest Argentina. Provinces: Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy. Andean Patagonia .Bariloche and environs, Lake district , Buenos Aires (Sierra, Pampa, Atlantic coast. Minitourism: Buenos Aires , Entre Ríos province Parana and Uruguay rivers, Provinces: Santa Fe and San Luis ( Merlo).

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