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Information about our mountain biking trips and expeditions - adventure tourism

Adventure mountain biking trips - tours expeditions in South AmericaOur trips take place mostly in far away places with beautiful landscapes and surrounded by pure nature. Nevertheless during our trips you have non stop assistance of our experienced mountain biking guides as well as a support vehicle with trailer and seats to drive anyone that feels tired to continue biking. We also have a mechanic in our team for any kind of problem with your bike and also a spare bike.

Our goal is that you enjoy your vacation at most traveling by your own means, the bike, togather with our guides who will help you discover the natural and cultural beauties of each region that we visit. With a nice friendly atmosphere within the group during our expedition we will bike at a constant rhythm with in-between stop-overs for drinking water and eating energy booting snacks as well as to enjoy sightseeing the surrounding landscape.

No age limit has been established. We have had men and women of all ages from 13 to 70 years old. Although we do ask for a previous medical check up and certain specific tests for the high mountain tours The average age is about 50 years old.

We also organize trips with shorter daily legs staying at cabins, hotels and inns eating at restaurants. The tastes are different and we put all our effort to meet your expectations and organize the trip of your dreams.

Meal service and beverages Training
Transport and support vehicle Useful tips for beginners

Meals service and beverages during our trip:

During our mountain bike trips we serve 4 meals daily: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts plus energy boosters will be provided during the ride.

The diet is based on carbohydrates and takes into consideration the needs of cyclists and their tastes. Red meat ,chicken and fish are available. Vegetarian food is provided for those who require it..

The snacks during the trips are crucial for an efficient ride. Energy bars, cereals and fruit are used as snacks during the ride. Water is the most important thing, during the meals we offer also juice as an option.

Transportation during the expedition - support vehicle:

Patagonia mountain bike aventura - servicios de logistica - vehiculo de apoyo We have comfortable vans for transportation with enough seats for everyone in the group. This vehicle will drive along with the group offering assistance when it is required. During the stop overs this vehicle will provide us with food and water. The vehicle has also a trailer to transport the whole gear, luggage and the bicycles as wells as a complete tool kit for mechanics for any case that could come handy. The trailer transports also a spare bicycle. The vehicle is also equipped with a UHF station and a first aid kit.


Campamento en Ruta 40 - Patagonia mountain bike aventuraAlong the road different lodgings will be available depending where we are at that particular moment. They could be small hotels, hostels and camp sites organized by our team. The places chosen have the necessary clean and comfortable basic services required for an adventure trip. Should you require a more comfortable option with luxury included, please ask for further information.


Mountain biking trips pre training - usefull tips - adventure tourismThe best to train our body is to find similar geographical conditions to those we are going to travel. The best is to look for gravel roads where one has to do some extra strength and where the handling of our bike is different. Also its good to carry our bike with some extra weight to practice balancing with different loads in our sidebags. Another possibility is to use thick tires and then change to thinner ones. In general a dual type of tire - gravel/ pavement – 26x1.50 is enough.

If we train on a fixed bike we can simulate uphill conditions with it and we will not feel strange when on a mountain. Nevertheless , to climb a slope the best is to go steady and avoid over doing it because this would hurt our leg muscles and back. Everyone has his own abilities for riding uphill and it is important that you find your own balance. Swap between heavy loads and agile rides and see how renovating this is.

We recommend: during the week cycle 2 hours alternating intense rides with smoother rides. Depending on each case and on how much you expect from your body, you can add some gym activities such as aerobic exercises, swimming and running. If you do not have too much time 40 minutes running at a good pace can bring just as much benefits as on a bike. On weekends a 5 hour exercise would be good. First relaxed, no matter the distance or speed, to adjust the body and mind. Later you can increase distance and reduce the resting stop. Discipline and self control is something that always helps . Remember to avoid over training.

Always when training more than an hour it is important to drink water, eat fruit, a sweet or an energy bar. When the training is about 5 hours or more, a short stop for a snack is recommended.

Useful tips for beginners:
For those without experience on mountain terrain , camping or lack the proper training and have never cycled with a packed bicycle.

Required equimpent for mountain biking trips - adventure tourismThe best thing to do is establish a “base town” and from there start short outings and then gradually increase the distances and difficulty of the rides. One day you can do a short ride with a minimum of weight in your sidebags . The following day you can load the tent and other camping gear and go somewhere close by. In that way you can get used to the uphill broken terrain , make the necessary adjustments and discover your capabilities and physical stamina by setting your own rhythm.

If you have no previous experience nor training and you have decided to do a long trip then its important: to have time, patience and the will. This way you will learn on the go, get fit and you will discover that with the right attitude: one or two world round trips are no obstacle. But do not forget that the will is limited without its allies, time and patience.

If your are not interested in carrying sidebags and being on all the boring details. There is a possibility of participating in an organized tour like we offer with support service so you can enjoy the trip cycling all the way and having a good time with your road companions.

At the beginning I was surprised until I discovered the amount of strength hidden in ourselves and the effect of an incredible scenery .

There is no real need to be super fit or have the best bike to join us in our mountain biking trips. All you need to do is follow your guide who has, in an intelligent way, organized everything in stages so you can enjoy the “energizing “ surrounding views. To enjoy and achieve an average of 100 km or more, one must find a balance and harmony on our daily cycling with someone who can guide us with enthusiasm. Its not difficult .

We have found in the last few years people who have completed in an amazing way trips like Bariloche-Ushuaia (2.700 km) or the Transpatagonia (1.100 km). And we are talking about people who had never cycled before more than 80 km, never been on a mountain bike, nor on gravel roads nor slept in a tent. We even had grandmothers!. All these people discover the power of Patagonia and the power within themselves. There are no set rules to know whether one is in a condition or not.

Our mountain biking and organizer Mariano lorefice comments: " Some cases might seem almost suicidal or irresponsible. One can advise and hopes that everyone arrives prepared as best as they can ...But I have also had cycling champions with the best bikes you could imagine and yet they found the rides an absolute torture. Luckily they are an exception and if anyone feels tired or not well, there is always a support vehicle to get in and rest."

We also organize trips with shorter distances staying in log cabins, hotels and eating at restaurants. Our services adapt and we cater for all

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